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Lecturer Information

1. General Information

All orders (including journal subscriptions) for both the Main Library and the Departmental Resource Centres, have to be channeled through the Acquisition Service at the Main Library. Purchasing of resources for Departmental Resource Centres has to be funded by the Department`s own budget. Therefore, lecturers need to confirm availability of funds with the Head of the Department before submitting a request to the library. Resources intended for the Main Library are financed from the library’s budget. Requests can be forwarded by e-mail or in case of a publication catalogue, by internal mail. Publication catalogues should be marked clearly. All requests should clearly indicate the name of the lecturer, the department, number of copies and whether the resources are intended for the Departmental Resource Centre and/or for the Main Library.

2. Lecturer Notes for Short Loan Collection

Any notes that lecturers’ want students to access through the Short Loan Collection should be sent or brought directly to the Acquisition Service. The Course Name, the Course Number and the name of the lecturer should be indicated on the notes.

3. Main Library

3.1. Prescribed and Recommended Reading Books
It is the library’s policy to purchase a limited number of copies of prescribed and recommended reading books for use in the Main Library:
5 copies - Prescribed textbooks for courses of the Faculty of Management Sciences
3 copies - Prescribed textbook for courses of all other Departments
1 copy - Recommended readings of all Departments
No personal copies will be ordered on behalf of students. Students have to order their own personal copies or alternatively these are ordered in bulk by the Department.
Users can access prescribed textbooks in the Short Loan Collection  while recommended readings can be borrowed from the Open Shelf Collection.
To ensure timely access lecturers should submit lists/course outlines to the Acquisition Service AND the official book supplier, Book Den, at least 12 weeks before a new semester starts. Lists/course outlines should clearly indicate if a title is a prescribed or a recommended reading book.
Book Den has supplied a form, which lecturers should complete to assist them in ordering sufficient stock of prescribed textbooks. The form can be copied to your computer, completed and send via e-mail or fax
Contact details:
• Tel: (061) 239976
• Fax: (061) 234248
• E-mail:
Physical address:
C/o Puccini St & Hosea Kutako Drive

3.1. Any Other Resources
Publisher’s catalogues are distributed to Departments for lecturers to select new titles to be purchased by and for the Main Library. Likewise, any other resource that would be a relevant addition to the Main Library’s collection may be recommended to the Acquisition Service. Please follow instructions in the first paragraph under 'General Information'.


4. Purchases for Departmental Resource Centres

It will be dealt with as in GENERAL INFORMATION above.  The Acquisition Service will order the resources, receive and process them. The officer responsible for the Departmental Resource Centre will be informed to collect them once they have been processed. New journal issues will be recorded and send by internal mail to the Department Resource Centre. Lecturers can borrow the items from the Departmental Resource Centre. The resources will also show on the Acquisition & Donations and the NUST Library Catalogue as being in your Departmental Resource Centre.


5. Donations

Donations designated for either the Main Library or a Departmental Resource Centres should be delivered at Acquisition and Bibliographic Services for processing and cataloguing. The officer responsible for the Departmental Resource Centre will be informed to collect the resources once they have been processed.

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