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Cabi Products

We index peer-reviewed green and gold open access papers published in arts, humanities, and sciences journals. By sciences we mean applied sciences, engineering and technology, behavioral sciences, health sciences, natural sciences, and social sciences.

We ensure we are providing access to high-quality, peer-reviewed, open access articles. We also make sure that publishers are not excluded on non-academic grounds.

Our database is updated regularly to add new content. During that process, we verify that the article metadata available is of utmost quality.

BMI Research

Provides Analysis reports – encompassing Country Risk, Operational Risk, Financial Markets and  industry analysis of 22 sectors globally.


The Springer journal portfolio includes more than 2,500 English language and more than 150 German-language journals in all scientific disciplines.

Springer journals are the leading source for high-quality, specialized content across a broad range of interests. Each publication is rigorously peer-reviewed and edited by internationally respected scientists, researchers and academics from leading institutions and corporations throughout the world. Written by top research leaders, Springer journals offer vastly relevant and highly referenced journals in 11 diverse subject areas, with more titles added every year. Springer journals are easily discoverable, and are readily available via SpringerLink, the world’s most comprehensive outline delivery platform, providing easy access to millions of STM resources.