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Outside Members

Dear Outside Members

Please note that due to examinations starting soon, no outside Members will be allowed to use the Library from 22 May 17 June 2017 due to limited space.

Thank you for understanding.


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Namibia Book Fair 2015

The Namibia Book Fair will be taking place 28 September – 2 October 2015.  The aim of the fair is to bring together Namibian authors, publishers and readers of all ages.  Workshops will be taking place at the FNCC, while a book exhibition of Namibian authors and publishers will take place in front the Polytechnic Library, 2-3 October 2015.

Donate a Book 2015

September and October 2015 are the Donate a Book Months. Please contribute towards the Educational Development by donating a Book at the Library. The recepient of this year’s collection is the Grootfontein Public Library. Book Donations can be deposited in the Donate-a-Book box (picture below) on the Ground floor of the Library.

Cellphone Usage

Kindly be informed that the usage of cellphones is now permissible in the library for quick information searching only.

Please note!! Clients found talking on cellphones will still be fined as usual.


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