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Publishing in Academic Conferences Proceedings

Academics often present their research at conferences for networking and collaboration purposes, but also to have their work discovered by others in their field.  Unfortunately, some conferences mislead attendees, providing little value and only seeking to generate as much income as possible.  These are called predatory conferences and a combination of the following can be seen as warning signs:

  • Conference invitations are sent by unsolicited e-mail, i.e. spam
  • A poorly constructed website with grammar or spelling errors
  • No contact information
  • No refund policy for registration fees
  • Conference is not listed on the website of an academic society or publisher that is claimed as sponsor
  • Overly broad scope, to attract as many attendees as possible
  • Organisers offer numerous conferences in many different fields (usually held at the same time in the same of nearby venues to maximize revenue)
  • Conference has never been held before
  • Too little time between the paper submission deadline and conference for proper peer review
  • Proceedings are not published in accredited journals or books, or by a reputable publisher

Websites you can consult to guide you towards accredited conferences:

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