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NUST Library DIY Videos

NUST Library DIY Videos

Library Information

Contacting NUST Faculty Librarians – Have a query more advanced than what the web site can answer?

NUST’s Ounongo Repository – A collection of NUST product, e.g. speeches, theses, and research articles.

NUST’s Past Examination Papers Database – Prepare for coming exams with past exam papers.


Library Catalogue

Searching NUST Library's Online Public Access Catalogue – How to search for items on the Library shelves.


NUST Discovery Search

Off-campus NUST Database Access – How to login to the NUST Library databases while away from campus.

Searching and Filtering Results in Discovery – How to get better and more specific search results in Discovery.


Google Scholar Search

Linking NUST Library to Google Scholar – See which articles found in Google Scholar are downloadable via the Library databases.


Search on the Internet

Determining the Credibility of Sources – Avoid bad information found on the Internet by applying a few guidelines.

NUST Library’s Subject Portals – Collections of links to good information to be found on the Internet as suggested by NUST Faculty Librarians.


Citation and Referencing

Recommended APA Guides online – Two recommended online APA guides that can help you with citing and referencing.

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