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Subject Portals

What is a Subject Portal?

A “subject portal” is an online gateway that helps users to quickly and efficiently find reliable, scholarly subject-based information in one place.
To go to a specific subject portal click on the portals listed on the right.
The following is a general portal for all departments:

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English Dictionaries

Speciality Dictionaries



Currency Converters

  • FX Converter: Converts over 164 currencies
  • Converts 180 currencies in over 250 locations

Job Sites

Career Development

Research Guides

Research Proposals

Research Methods

Literature Review

Thesis & Dissertation Writing

Project Planning & Management

Scholarly Research Sites

Subject Directories/Gateways

Citation Guides

Online Learning

Copyright, Plagiarism, Intellectual Property and Patent Issues

Publishers` Catalogues and websites

Government Organizations



National Qualifications Authorities

  • NQA (Namibia Qualifications Authority)
  • SAQA (South african Qualifications Authority)
  • NQAI (National Qualifications Authority Ireland)
  • NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority)
  • QCA (Qualifications and curriculum Authority) - UK
  • SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority)

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Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences

Faculty of Natural Resources and Spatial Sciences

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